When will we be near you?
Join us for this free conference
When will we be near you?
Join us for this free conference
Location & Dates
& Dates
Why should you come to a 
Real Solutions Conference?
All Real Solutions road conferences with Be in Health® are completely free!

This excludes the option for a meal ticket.
Q & A:
There are two meal times set aside to fellowship with us and ask our team your questions.
The only charge is to cover your meal through the hotel. 
At the end of the conference we will join our faith with yours to ask God to meet you.
We have seen many healings spirit, soul and body.
Since the fall of Adam in the garden, mankind has been looking for solutions for the problems they encounter with their bodies, minds, and relationships. Over thousands of years, mankind has come up with millions of solutions for any problem you may encounter in your body, mind, or relationships.

Not all of these solutions are “evil”, but none of them are Real Solutions. They may be a bridge to a real solution, but hardly ever totally free a person from the problem. 

What is a Real Solution?

A Real Solution is a solution that totally takes care of the problem. It will not have any strings attached like having to continually take medication, supplements, stay on restricting diets, or other regimes. A Real Solution allows you to live your life again as if the problem was never even there to begin with.

Many so-called solutions have come and gone over the years, but one thing has stayed true.

That is God has Real Solutions!

Dr. Henry W. Wright and Be in Health® are dedicated to finding out and understanding the solutions God has for us in His Word and helping those that come to us apply those solutions to their lives. Over the past 30 plus years it has been amazing to watch these real solutions work in people’s body, mind, and relationships.
We have seen many healings such as:
  • Cancer Disappear
  • ​Complex Allergies Gone
  • ​Learning Disabilities Reversed
  • ​Autoimmune Disease Vanish
  • ​Depression & Anxiety Lift
  • ​Marriage & Families Restored 
and much more...

At Be in Health® we understand why people are sick and how to be healed. Tens of thousands of individuals just like yourself no longer have debilitating and life-threatening diseases because of what they learned at a Be in Health®
We want to invite you, your friends, and your family to join us in 2019 to attend 1 of 16 conferences we are doing nationwide on our Real Solutions Tour. There you will learn the foundations for healing and restoration in every area of your life and find the Real Solutions you have been looking for.

Many people have come to us after many years of trying everything, frustrated and tired, but were rejuvenated with hope and experienced lasting healing they found nowhere else.

Along with teaching we will also be doing laying on hands ministry at the end of each conference to allow our Father to come and work powerfully in our brothers and sisters lives.

There is no fee to attend. Freewill offerings will be taken and our resources will be available for purchase
During the conference, we will have two exclusive Q&A events with the Be in Health Team. Dinner Friday evening and Lunch Saturday afternoon. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today!

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